2019-2020 Projects, cont'd:

Read To Succeed

Read To Succeed is a new project for the 2019-2020 year.  Read To Succeed commits a volunteer to spend time with a youth every week tutoring and sharing the skills required to become an avid reader.  The Rotary volunteer and the student become partners in a brighter future for that youth.

Interfaith Homeless Project

Another new project funded for 2019-2020, IFM Homeless project is assisted by Rotary volunteers who help with meal service, holiday events for the homeless, painting and repairs of temporary housing and many more projects.

WSU "Girls Rock!" Science Camp

Girls Rock!  is a science camp held each summer sponsored by WSU to expose young girls to the fun and challenge of science. A new project for WRCF this year.

Jr. Achievement Financial Literacy

Jr. Achievement Financial Literacy helps to ensure a strong future for our youth by teaching them and understanding and the importance of learning about managing their finances.  This is in conjunction with Jr. Achievement Skills to Achieve a program that mentors financial success.

Child Start Mini Learning Experience

New statistics say that a child should be involved with the reading process by the time they are three years old. The min-learning experience facilitates children's love of books and learning from an early age.  This project works in partnership with licensed Wichita daycare facilities to help children experience some of the  things they read, such as reading a recipe and being able to make the dish.

Rotary Wraps

The Rotary Wraps project began when a Rotary member, participating in the RIF program, noticed children with no coats, hats or gloves. Last year Rotary members gave, from their own pockets, money to purchase hats, coats and gloves for USD 259 children.  The project is now funded, in part, by WRCF.

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