What’s Expected

Rotary Club of Wichita is built on friendship and participation in club activities, which include weekly lunch meetings, service projects and occasional special events.



Rotary Club of Wichita is a dues-supported organization.



Quarterly Dues $195.00
Includes weekly meal, Rotarian Magazine and free parking at weekly meeting location.


Entrance Fees

Age 35 and younger $150
Over age 36 $350
WRCF one-time donation $100


Meeting Attendance

As with all affiliations, members get out of Rotary what they put in. Our weekly meetings provide stimulating conversation and top-notch, thought-provoking programs.


It is at these meetings where members develop their professional networks, build friendships, learn about service opportunities and hear from fascinating local, national and international speakers. We encourage – but do not require – all members to attend as many weekly meetings and special events as possible.



Rotarians join our club for many reasons, but ask Rotarians active in service to the community and the world through Rotary, and they’ll tell you they stay because they love our service projects.


Whether reading to elementary kids, providing clean water in third-world communities, or one of the many other opportunities to serve through Rotary – you will have no trouble finding a place to live out our motto, Service Above Self.



As the 19th largest club out of more than 34,000 worldwide, our club offers many opportunities to develop leadership skills through committee work.


Charitable Giving

Donations of cash or in-kind services are strictly voluntary (with the exception of the one-time $100 donation to WRCF as part of the entrance fees). Members are encouraged to consider making contributions to the Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund (WRCF), the Rotary Foundation and to the club-supported organizations we serve.


Each One Reach One

Rotary Club of Wichita is able to attract great weekly speakers and make big impacts in the community and abroad – in part – because of our size. Each member is asked to recruit and retain at least one new member each year.

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