Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund (WRCF)

The Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund (WRCF), a 501(c)(3), was established in 1983 by eleven Rotary Club of Wichita past presidents to support our community service efforts.

Annual income from the endowment and voluntary contributions from our members allows the WRCF to provide significant monetary support that is used for a variety of projects.

The WRCF is directed by a board of volunteer leaders elected by the club’s membership on an annual basis. The WRCF board works in partnership with the club’s board of directors to ensure projects are consistent with Rotary’s mission and values.

2017-2018 WRCF Officers & Directors

Sue Tirukonda : President (1)

President (1)
Sue Tirukonda

Rod Pitts : Vice President (2)

Vice President (2)
Rod Pitts

Buz Lukens : Secretary (2)

Secretary (2)
Buz Lukens

Chris Howell : Treasurer (1)

Treasurer (1)
Chris Howell

Kevin Nichols : Director (1)

Director (1)
Kevin Nichols

Aaron Bastian : Director (2)

Director (2)
Aaron Bastian

Carrie Hendrickson : Director (3)

Director (3)
Carrie Hendrickson

Mark Koch : Director (3)

Director (3)
Mark Koch

Marilyn Pauly : Director (3)

Director (3)
Marilyn Pauly

Kara Hunt : WRCF Past President

WRCF Past President
Kara Hunt

Tammy Allen : Club Past President

Club Past President
Tammy Allen

Jeff Van Sickle : Club President

Club President
Jeff Van Sickle

Shelly Prichard : Club President Elect

Club President Elect
Shelly Prichard


See projects funded by the WRCF or call 316-262-4375 to learn more.

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