Administrative Assistant
Kitchel Woods

Executive Director
Jodie Stickny


2018-2019 Officers & Directors

Shelly Prichard : President

Shelly Prichard

Kara Hunt : Vice President Programs

Vice President Programs
Kara Hunt

Dustin Kuhn : Vice President Membership

Vice President Membership
Dustin Kuhn

Ebony Clemons : Secretary

Ebony Clemons

Marlo Dolezal : Treasurer

Marlo Dolezal

Cody Branham : Sgt. at Arms

Sgt. at Arms
Cody Branham

Georges Ausseil : Director (1)

Director (1)
Georges Ausseil

Denise Sherman : Director (1)

Director (1)
Denise Sherman

Sharon Van Horn : Director (1)

Director (1)
Sharon Van Horn

George Hornbeck : Director (2)

Director (2)
George Hornbeck

Marty Miller : Director (2)

Director (2)
Marty Miller

Judy Weatherall : Director (2)

Director (2)
Judy Weatherall

John Baker : Director (3)

Director (3)
John Baker

Mary Beth Jarvis : Director (3)

Director (3)
Mary Beth Jarvis

Angie Prather : Director (3)

Director (3)
Angie Prather

Jeff Van Sickle : Past President

Past President
Jeff Van Sickle

Doug Stark : President Elect

President Elect
Doug Stark

Rod Pitts : WRCF President

WRCF President
Rod Pitts

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