On November 18, 1911, the Rotary Club of Wichita was founded.  Since the very first day, Wichita Rotary Club members have made their mark on the community of Wichita, Kansas.  

   In the 1890's Wichita's limestone City Hall building was constructed but funds ran out and the clock tower remained empty.  In 1916 Wichita Rotary funded a new clock for the tower.  Ninety six years later, in 2012, members invested in a different kind of timepiece; the Rotary Time Tower and Centennial Plaza.

  The City of Wichita is known, today as the "Air Capital" because, in 1929, Rotarians flew to Dallas, Texas, to a national convention and shared Wichita's wonderful aviation discoveries with the world.  "The biggest single boost to aviation in Wichita was the 1929 Rotary Club Fly-In" cited E. Watkins, President, Central Airlines. .

   In 1913, Ike Goldsmith joined Rotary as the first Jewish- American member followed in 1921, by Dr. Henry Roe Cloud, Rotary's first Native American member. Luis Casada, a Cuban immigrant, joined in 1957 and "Innie" Yoon became the first Aisan-American club member in 1978. Norris Hodge, the club's first African-American member joined Rotary in 1970.

   Women, however, were not allowed to join Wichita Rotary Club. It took a 1987 Supreme Court decision and, in 2000, Geri Appel, became the first female president of the Rotary Club of Wichita.

   Wichita Rotary Club has planted deep footprints in the past and in the present of our great city.  We will continue to lay footprints into its future.


Come.  Join Us.  Let's Make Tracks!